Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Talking with Chris Combates, Author of The Law of Attraction for Teens

Purple Pencil Adventures talks with Chris Combates, a 16-year-old entrepreneur, self-help enthusiast, aspiring music artist, and author of The Law of Attraction for Teens, recently released by Teen Town Press. For more information, go to Chris' website - or connect on Facebook.

Why did you write The Law of Attraction for Teens?
I wrote The Law of Attraction for Teens to give my peers the opportunity to create their ideal lives as early as possible. Becoming aware of this law at such young age really gave me a leg up in life. Every teen should have this knowledge at their convenience!

What was your process for writing it? Getting it published?
After diving farther into the subject for a year or two, I did not find any of this material directed towards teens. It was odd that no one had filled this "niche" yet, so I decided to jump on it. It felt like... I was meant to write it. After I planned out how I was going to go about it, my confidence grew. The turning point was when I read Michael Losiers' book Law of Attraction. It was short, simple, and to the point... exactly what teens like! So I decided to take it a step farther and make it even shorter, with a few more illustrations. Also, I entered in my own teenage experiences which occurred from my perspective.

The publishing aspect was an amazing attraction in itself. I was originally planning on self-publishing, when a publishing house reached out to me on Facebook. We ended up talking out a deal and things just rolled from there. A few re-writes/edits occurred. Besides that, things began to flow to where I am today.

What was your favorite part of writing The Law of Attraction for Teens?
Favorite part... Hmm. The whole thing haha! Seriously, I would say when I was holding the physical book in my hands for the first time.

The greatest challenge?
Probably, balancing my social life, school work, and other activities while going through the writing/publication process.

What are the three most important lessons you hope teens - and adults - take from your book?
1. Be aware of how this Law affects your life!

2. Stay positive.

3. Enjoy life as much as possible, without hindering someone else's enjoyment!

Who are some of your favorite authors/books?
Michael Losier - The Law of Attraction

Rhonda Byrne - The Secret

Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

Jack Canfield - The Success Principles

and many more...

Advice for young writers?
Go for it! Your life will improve in ways you cannot imagine.

What do you know now that you wish you knew before you started writing the book?
That anything is possible!

What's next?
I'm focusing on school, while following my dream of becoming a signed music artist. Any way I can get into the music industry... I'm there!

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