Monday, June 7, 2010

Why Write? P.I. Barrington Speaks

P.I. Barrington is the author of Miraculous Deception—the second book in the Future Imperfect suspense series, just released by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. After a long detour in the entertainment industry, where Barrington worked as a newspaper journalist, radio talent, and at a major record company, she returned to her original career choice: fiction-writing.

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Why is writing so important for young people?
Oh, so many reasons! I pray that education will not stop emphasizing penmanship. It may sound pedantic but the physical act of writing with pen and paper is tactile learning and does so much to develop a child or young person’s mind and imagination. The body and mind work together via tactile learning and it tends to last throughout a lifetime. Not only that, but any type of writing stretches the imagination without which progress in any respect, especially societal, cannot exist as well as extends learning and educational levels higher and makes understanding a more interactive and rounded experience.

Writing also can satisfy the human need to communicate, to create, to advance, to be satisfied in whatever way. And last, it is a true art form in itself.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a tween or teen?
I wish I’d had more of a brain to see the opportunities that were given to me and to have a little more faith in my abilities. I’d be less insecure than I was.

How has the ability to express yourself helped you in life?
You can relate to people more, you can touch them and let them know they’ve touched you in some way; you can get your ideas across much easier and with more precision; you can enjoy yourself more by letting out your inner soul and that in turn affects everything else in your life.

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