Monday, June 21, 2010

Young Filmmakers - Freshi Film Camps in Hollywood

The Freshi Film Camp is returning to Hollywood for the tenth year. As always, the camp is a five-day, 6 hours a day, immersive experience that gives students - ages 8 to 18 - a chance to work on a film crew and create their own movie. Both beginner and advanced levels of filmmaking are available at each of the camps, so any young filmmaker will fit right in!

Each of the completed films is automatically entered into the IFFF Youth Festival which is an annual sidebar of the International Family Film Festival. Young filmmakers compete with other young filmmakers from around the world for prizes and awards and a chance to showcase their film in Hollywood. Film Camp Instructions will cover screenwriting, movie make-up, stunts, acting, voice-over techniques, film producing, directing, editing and stop-motion animation. Industry professionals from every facet of the film industry will teach these young filmmakers, and every student will take home a DVD of their finished production.

The age range is 8-18. Lunch, beverages and snacks are offered each day and included in the admission fee. All materials and equipment are also included. For out of town youth, a full tour package can be arranged with a reputable tour operator for Hollywood who specializes in educational tours.

Session 1: July 5-9

Session 2: August 2-6

Session 3: August 23-27

There are three camp sessions, each being held in the heart of Hollywood. For more complete information and application forms please visit the website For each of the camps the times are 9:00am- 4:00pm.

The FreshiFilms, LLC works to give young people ages 8-18 the ability to bridge generational, racial, religious and cultural gaps communicating through film to a larger audience encouraging an honest dialogue between all people. This program strives to give young people the tools to communicate their unique visions in their own voices through hands-on experiences in filmmaking empowering them to skillfully craft and create their own stories to share with others worldwide.

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