Friday, August 31, 2012

Purple Pencil Blue Moon Adventure

Tonight there was s full moon. Did you get a chance to see it? What did you think?

Would you like to go on an adventure in outer space? To visit the moon, perhaps? The great thing about writing is you can go anywhere, do anything ... all you need is your creativity. And a pen and paper. Or computer.

Write about your Blue Moon Adventure in the comments.


  1. A crescent moon shone brightly while we walked to the bus stop before sun-up. Madelyn was right -it did look like a toe nail. Melina suggested we fly into its cradle. Two blinks later, we found ourselves resting on an enormous hammock tethered across each end. Imagine our disappointment when the bus pulled up. Our goodbye kisses were accompanied with the promise revisit our newly discovered hideaway.

  2. A bird on an island wanted to fly. It wanted to fly so it could touch the clouds. It spread out it's wings and tried to fly it noticed it was above the clouds and close to the moon. And the bird decided to land on the moon. The bird noticed the moon was shining in the same colors as it's feathers. Blue! The bird spread out it's wings once more and flew away from the blue moon and onto our blue planet. THE END.

    written by Madelyn and Melina/published by their mom

  3. These are wonderful stories! Thanks so much for sharing them!