Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Write? Jen Jones Speaks

Jen Jones,, is a freelance writer, writing teacher/coach, and author of more than 40 middle-grade non-fiction books, including Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens.

Why is writing so important for young adults?

Writing is incredibly important for young adults! Unlike that dreaded geometry theorem or frog dissection, the writing skills teens are learning will be used daily throughout their lives - both on the job and off. Even if not going into a writing career per se, writing can be a valuable means of catharsis, connection, and communication. Writing rocks!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a tween or teen?

I wish I'd known about all the wonderful avenues out there to get published as a kid. There are so many publications that are hungry for young writers and on the lookout for fresh voices! And the beautiful thing about the Internet is that those types of opportunities have only multiplied... (The 'net wasn't around when I was in high school. Just sayin'!)

How has the ability to express yourself helped you in life?

As a full-time freelance writer, I've been blessed with ample opportunity to really hone my *voice* and follow my passions. Having a way with words has allowed me to feel more comfortable speaking to groups, interviewing boldface names, and communicating in general! No matter where my career takes me, I know my writing skills will always be helping me succeed.

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