Friday, April 8, 2011

Poetry Month Adventure

April is National Poetry Month! Have you ever written a poem? Have you written a poem recently? Give it a try!

Post your poem in the comments section below.


  1. Father

    What can I say to you Father that you don't already know
    Can I tell you that your soul means more to me than my own
    Can I tell you I'd lay down my life, take my last breath
    To ease your pain and suffering I would face any death

    Can I lay my head upon your chest and cradle you in my arms ever so tenderly
    Can I tell you I pray to God every night that he will keep you here with me
    Can I tell you that the love you've give to me throughout these years
    Many times eased my own pain, frustrations and dried away my tears

    What can you say to me father to help me understand
    Should I lay my guilt and grief into Gods hands
    Will he take from me my burdens and ease my troubled soul
    Does he know how much I love you and will never let go

    I say to you Father I think I understand
    We have to lay it all down and leave it to Gods plan
    For as much as all the love I have for you God has and more
    And when its time for us to leave this world and release our last breath
    I know in the depths of my soul God will be waiting arms stretched

    2011 by Barbara Watkins

  2. Come all God's children gather close for the time is near,
    Lay down your heavy swords embrace your enemy,
    Soar together united as one and there will be no need for fear.
    Come all God's children, come.

    Feed your weak and hungry heed their cry do not turn away,
    The chapel bells are ringing with each chime getting louder,
    A hasten reminder we must open our eyes in the dark of night,
    if to see by the light of day.

    Snuff out the roaring fire and smoke that fills the night sky,
    Deafen the raging cannons that echo over God's land,
    For thrusting out prejudice and hatred your soul will never die,
    So too you will embrace the present and future and in the process save mankind.

    Come all God's children come.

    2011 by Barbara Watkins

  3. I woke in wonder most everyday as to why my life turned out this way.
    I had such grand dreams of what I was to be, never wanting the responsibility for another.
    In my eyes there was only me.
    Days went by turning into weeks, months and years.
    It seemed my young life was consumed with hopelessness and fear.
    Then something extraordinary happened along the way.
    One night I folded my hands and began to pray.

    Nine months later my reply become clear, all the hopelessness was gone along with the fear.
    I now knew what I was meant to be, this precious soul I held in my arms was more important than me.
    I could not have wished for a more grandeur dream.
    Through you my precious children I will always be young, for you make me proud of what I have become.
    As the years go by and my youth is taken away,
    replaced by wrinkles and hair of gray, my grandis dream obove all others,
    is to always be remembered by my children as their loving mother...

    I dedicate this poem to my loving children 'Steve, Jerry and Amanda...

    2011 by Barbara Watkins

  4. Motherly Devotion:

    You have nurtured my spirit and soul from the beginning,
    touching me ever so gently giving me love never ending.

    Cradled me in your arms while singing soothing lullabies,
    kissing my cheek while stroking gently the tears from my eyes.

    Holding my tiny hand helping me learn to walk,
    standing by my side as so to catch me whenever I would fall.

    Your loving spirit shined a light as bright as the great northern star,
    leading me through the darkness keeping me far away from any harm.

    Sheltering and comforting me giving no regard to yourself,
    you unselfishly did without to take care of me like no one else.

    Your blanket of love kept me warm when I was cold.
    Nurturing and loving you wrapped your heart around my soul.

    All my great accomplishments in this life I have been blessed,
    is because of you my sweet Mother so don't ever second guess.

    You have made me what I am and what I have yet to be,
    the best human being, loving mother, to my own precious three.

    And as I watch my daughter tenderly embrace her own precious gifts of life,
    everything seems to come full circle and everything in the world is right.

    So as you gave to me all your life, all the love you had to give,

    I give to you all my love, for all my life, after all a mothers love…
    It is the greatest gift

    2011 by Barbara Watkins