Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Write? Publisher Paul Burt Speaks

Paul Burt is co-founder and president of As a social entrepreneur, he is a do-gooder creative type who enjoys living a balanced life.

Why is writing so important for young adults?
The value of writing well is essential in so many professions today. Writing helps bring clarity to our ideas. It forces us to think on a deeper level. Self and creative expression not only helps us grow, but it feels great as well!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a tween or teen?
I wish I would have trusted my inner voice - my intuition - more and been less afraid of being "me." Sometimes we try to make things work/fit/happen and spin our wheels in frustration when we would be better off just letting go. Everything you need is provided when you need it; ask; believe; receive. Teen author Christopher Combates’ new book - The Law of Attraction for Teens - tells it like it is.

Chris was interviewed last week on The Law of Attraction for Teens was recently released by Teen Town Press, a division of

How has the ability to express yourself helped you in life?
As a book publisher and entrepreneur, as a husband, father, and friend, in every relationship, for my own piece of mind, expressing through the written and spoken word are the foundation of life. The only thing more fundamental is our emotions. Personal expression is the very reason we exist. It fills my life with in-joy-ment!

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