Friday, March 12, 2010

Cartoon Adventure

March is Youth Art Month, National Craft Month, and Humorists are Artists Month. What can I say? March is a busy month!

This week, let's focus on "Show" not "Tell" by making up a cartoon.

Think of a funny situation, sketch it out, and then write a funny caption. You can do your cartoon in one panel (box) or a series of three or four.

For research, look at your favorite comic strips and see what it is you like about them.

Note: It's okay if you can't draw. You can always cut a picture out of a magazine to use as the show part. Or, team up with a friend who is a good artist. Explain your idea, and see what your friend comes up with. Help each other out, and see how many cartoons you can make when you work together.

Happy Creating!

Post the title of your cartoon in the comments section below.

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  1. I was not aware of this. Thanks. I'll do this project with my kids. Now we have something constructive to do today. Have a great weekend.

    Stephen Tremp